Gabriel’s Horn

“For storms will rage and oceans roar, when Gabriel stands on sea and shore, and as he blows his wondrous horn, old worlds die and new be born.”

 - Mother Shipton, 17th Century AD

UPDATED: *March 19th, 2012*
- added a new blind session by rvtd, an RV associate.

The angel Gabriel, the patron saint of messengers, has long been associated with signaling the end times. The familiar trope of Gabriel blowing his trumpet can be found all the way back to the Norse legends of Heimdall, who is said to sound the Gjallarhorn and alert of the coming onset of Ragnarok where the world ends and is reborn. The Qur’an describes that the messenger will sound the Trump of Doom, and the Orthodox Churches believe he will use a trumpet to announce the end of time along with the Last Judgement.

While all of these stories, in and of themselves, would make fascinating remote viewing targets, there have been events in much more recent history that echo these ancient prophecies. Since late 2011 and into early 2012 there have been numerous recordings of strange, trumpet like sounds heard all around the world. A quick search of youtube will produce many of these  recordings.

The first time I heard the sound, it stopped me cold and ever since I have felt the urge to pursue it’s validity. Is this sound just an artifact of clever audio editing, as the skeptics would have us believe, or is there something more to it? Time to hop into our RV truth vehicle.

Remember that this is currently an ongoing project. Much additional work needs to be completed before final analysis, but lets take a look at what we have so far. The results are more interesting than I could have imagined.

Session Cue: target sound/origin
Target Reference Number: [ 6869 / 8673 ]
Target Reference Material: Sound File

Site Summary:

The target is a red thing, which is emitting and transferring a message. There are many tall and round elements to this thing, which appears to be inside and contained in what reminds me of a ‘cave.’ There is something transient about the target. There is meaning and a sense of governing. There is something natural about the target, which acts like a ‘speaker.’

There is a lifeform associated. It is exalted and acts as a messenger. Something akin to a ‘tornado’ is present. There is a big, curving formation here. The idea of negligence is present.

Something long is curving down and inside. It is blundering, crashing and a natural source. It is transmitting. It reminds me of a ‘coffin’ but the idea of birthplace is also present. There is liquid present here, which appears to be the ocean. It is desolate but necessary. Something is vast, massive, wet and wavy here. It is grandiose and acts as preparation. The idea of evolving is associated with this.

There is also a machine at the site. It is hollow and hovering. It reminds me of a ‘train.’ It is carrying cargo, and it has what appear to be curving pipes attached to it. The construction is massive and energetic. It is an epic power assumed by rulers. It provides a signal, a timely notice.

The following is an additional session by Cypherks, an RV associate, who ran the TRN blind.


Site Summary:

This site is a mix of an object and lifeforms. The lifeforms are crowded together into a specific area of an object. There is the sense that this might be a craft or some type of object that moves and used for transporting the lifeforms. Within this object are two items which are most likely manufactured as they have right angles.

The lifeforms are experiencing the sensations (S 4.5) of “Sensory overload”, “We can’t take this much” and “too much” which appear to be related to the object they are in which is moving.

The object containing the lifeforms has intangables of “emaisary, greeting, convey and communicate” associated with it. The object is moving. Also associated with the object containing lifeforms are the ideas of “resounding, inspire, awe, giving, prayer, alms”.

The object is moving sideways and downward. The object may be moving through water as the archtype for water is present.

Also at the site are object or things that are pointed or rising, and possibly exploding.

Running an S6 on element [1] immediately after putting together the ST produced a picture of what appears to be an oblong object with 3 legs coming off of it. The object may have a window, or lifeforms inside, as there are circles that appear on the oblong object. Based on the ST and S6, I would guess that the target site is a craft that is traveling and contains lifeforms. Possibly the craft is out of control, or moving too fast, or on it’s way to a crash as there is a mixture of happiness, confused, overloaded, numb, fear and peace, wreck and mistake at the site.

Two blind sessions run by Dozaemon, an RV associate.


Site Summary 01:

[X] is a red hot object. It is running and operating. It is shining. It is pilfering as well. It fills me with anger. Further exploration reveals the object to be like a tool with part of it being something that resembles a stick. It has prior use. Something is grappling it. It is charged and directed. It is also being managed by something that is determined. There is a mastermind here. I feel melancholic. There is also something that acts like a whirlpool here. The object is a device with some bouncing waves associated. There is something heated here. Something also is arcing. The device also has something collected. There is something flowing in the device.

[A] is a black and red object. It is following and opening something. It is following a pathway. There is an opening associated with the object. The object is fraught with danger. Something is eyeing what is occurring here. I am feeling curious and interested. Further exploration reveals there to be striking, digging and piercing. The object is handheld and is clasped. It is going with fierce movement. It acts like a tool. I feel quite tense. It is slicing and cutting through.

Site Summary 02:

[X] is a machine that does work. It is in position to focus on something. I am feeling perplexed. Further exploration reveals that it is operating and in use. It is burning and emitting. It is doing something like plunging. I feel curious. There is a motor and a tube here. There are lights with rays of heat here. There is some suction. It is feeding something. The machine is being gripped.

[A] is a long tubular object. There is some metal here and it has some association with the ground. It is sparkling. I am feeling tired. Further exploration reveals it to have been fired in a trajectory. It has been launched into something. It is following something as well. It makes me feel content. It is providing entry. It is in a downward spiral in a clearcut path.

[B] is land with hills and water. It is remote. The place is like a desert. I feel quite dreamy.

Blind session run by rvtd, an RV associate.


Site Summary:

There’s something with an electricity like force, a liquid like current, a vibration like activity, and a process, garage like structure and overhang, a crystal, and dirt at the site.

The main aspect is a thing with electricity, and liquid like force, and current. It flows, and follows the path of least resistance. It’s traveling, directional, and funneled. It’s powerful, charged, and ionized. I feel concern.

There’s a vibration like activity, and a process that reminds me of an earthquake. It has movement, it reverberates, spreads, and shifts. It’s natural, and gravity is referenced. It’s rhythmic, and shaking. I feel anxious.

One aspect is a garage like structure with an overhand of some sort. It protects against the elements. It’s designed, and constructed, used, and parks something. It has levels, and barricades, and shields something.

Another aspect is a growing like structure, a crystal, and dirt. It’s stony, layered, and orange like clay. It reminds me of a fossil formation. It’s an extension, and expression of something. Movement is present. It’s pressurized, and compacted. It’s ancient, and archaeological.

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